Best Bodyweight Fitness Workouts for Kids

When it comes to choosing exercise for your child most people do not care. The main reason is that kids are usually hyperactive and they have a lot of outdoor activities. As a result, you will see your child running around, following a ball, or just jumping around. With the advancement in technology, kids are now using in-door games so they hardly leave the home. Due to this issue, more and more people have been reporting a change in the body of their child. In America, child obesity is reaching its extreme high making it difficult for kids and their parents to cope with the change. Most people say that it has a lot to do with the processed and high-calorie food that children consume on day to day basis. Especially when takeouts are extremely unhealthy yet very convenient and cheap, people like to buy them instead of cooking homemade food that requires a lot of effort. Another very important role is played by the schools. Schools serve extremely greasy and unhealthy food that is extremely high in calories so when kids do not have an outdoor activity they end up getting fat.

A simple way to reduce the chance of obesity or improve the lifestyle by bringing the children back to their normal body weight ratio is to help their workouts. Most of the exercises are designed for adults and include intense weight-based workouts that will not be appropriate for kids. However, relying on simple and easy exercises will always help. Before you design a workout for your child, look at his day-to-day activities and you will know what kind of exercises will suit him best.

With the help of this article, we will mainly look at simple exercises that can help your child to stay healthy and fit. Our goal will be to help you involve your child in simple activities so you do not have to invest in gym equipment or hefty machinery.

Best Exercises That You Child Can Try For Fitness

Exercise for kids is very different from exercise for adults, most adults will like to have their body in firm shape which is the reason you will see a lot of heavy machinery, especially weight-based exercises. However, if your kid needs to exercise, heavyweight or gym equipment will not be the first thing on your mind. To help you make the workout process easy, here are some of the best and easier workouts you can try.


Swimming is a full-body workout that will help you use the whole body and it will burn much more calories than you might think. Most kids like to learn new skills and since swimming is fun there are no better exercises than swimming. Most kids like to go to the beach which can turn into a picnic as well, however if you do not have a beach nearby, swimming will still be one of the best exercises because most places have swimming pools nearby.


Dance is a very good exercise because our body has an extreme response to change in the beat. You will see that even if you do not want to dance your body will start moving as the beat drops or the frequency changes. However, a choreographed dance routine will be a lifesaver especially if you are looking for ways to help you burn more calories. Since you will be using all your muscles you will burn much more calories than any other exercise.

Cardio – Zumba

Cardio or Zumba is becoming extremely popular, especially because home workouts are now becoming common and you do not need equipment for Zumba. Unlike most exercises that will help in shaping up your muscles, Zumba just helps you get involved in calorie-burning activities. You will see yourself sweat a lot and this will eventually result in reducing the fat content in the body.


Cycling is another fun activity that you can try with your kids. Most people like cycling so they bring their kids to the park, however most kids race on cycles which is a very fun activity that will help in improving competitive exercise.


Running, walking, or jogging are not fun activities which is the reason it is better to involve your child in racing if you want to have better results. This will help you build a competitive environment so you will get involved in the workout as well.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, a healthy body mass index is equally important for men, women, adults, and kids. This ensures that you have a better quality of life and you have a less chance of disease. Most people neglect the use of exercise when it comes to kids but it is very important. A simple solution is to try to engage your kids in activities that they like. Rather than pushing them to work out and join exercise classes, try to find fun outdoor activities that can help them burn calories. Extreme and intense outdoor workout in the gym is very boring and even as an adult you will not be able to comply with the intense routine. On the contrary, if you find a good and fun activity you will be able to make the most out of it without getting bored or without feeling tired.

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