Good Nutrition in School Can Help Fight Childhood Obesity

Perhaps you are trying to help your child lose weight, or you feel he or she may be in danger of becoming overweight or unhealthy because of their eating and exercise habits. If so, it is important that you consider the impact of your child’s time at school as you think about what you need […]

10 Stress-Busting Foods that you can Start Adding to your Families Meals

When you’re stressed out, the foods that you’re turning to are most likely going to be traditional “comfort foods” – think big meals, take out-fatty foods, sweet foods, and alcohol. Let’s face it – we’ve all found some comfort in a tasty meal and a bottle of beer or glass of wine when we’ve been […]

Basics of Nutrition

There are many things to learn about when it comes to nutrition. But the basic concept is “What goes in must come out.” Your body is like a machine; it takes what it needs from what you feed it and gets rid of the rest by urine and the bowels. If you notice you have a […]

10 Tried and True Sneaky Ways to Hide Fruits and Veggies in your Family’s Diet.

You have probably heard by now how important it is to eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables or more every day. But knowing and doing are two different things….right? It is a known fact that our food industry has evolved in the 20th century with even more convenient options like ready-to-eat dinners, […]

Depression and Anxiety in Kids

Depression and anxiety are the most common psychiatric disorders among children. Around 7% of children between 3 and 17 years old have anxiety, while approximately 3% suffer from depression. Depression and anxiety are higher among older children between 12 and 17 years. What is Depression? Depression is a psychiatric disorder that leads to persistent sadness […]