Culture Bites: Exploring the Intersection of Nutrition, Food, and Heritage

Culture Bites: Exploring the Intersection of Nutrition, Food, and Heritage




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In this captivating course, you’ll embark on a journey to uncover the intricate relationships between food, culture, and personal identity. Through a deep dive into the world of food traditions, you’ll explore how different cuisines and customs shape our senses of self and community. 

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Who is the course for?

This course is designed for a individuals who share a passion for food, culture, and nutrition. Specifically, it is tailored to cater to teenagers aged 13-18 who are eager to learn and explore the world of food, as well as homeschoolers who seek to supplement their educational curriculum with a hands-on and interactive learning experience. 

Learning Path

Students introduce themselves and share their personal experiences with food and culture. Learn about the geographical Influences on cuisine, Social and Cultural Factors etc

In this lesson, we will explore what we know about nutrient timings with open ended discussions. We will also discuss the benefits of nutrient timings and why we eat food, including the concept of the Garbage Disposal Theory. We will then delve into pre-exercise fueling windows of opportunity, what to eat during sports and exercise, and how to prevent feeling underfueled. Additionally, we will cover post-workout nutrition and review the key takeaways from the lesson.

Students explore how food is tied to their own identity and how it reflects their cultural heritage

Macro and Micro Nutrients Across Cultures

The Representation of Food in Media

Students explore the diverse cuisines of Asia, including Chinese, Japanese, and Korean dishes.

Students explore the rich culinary traditions of Latin America, including Mexican, Cuban, and Brazilian cuisine.

Students explore the diverse cuisines of Africa, including Ethiopian, Moroccan, and South African dishes.

Students explore the impact of colonialism on food cultures and traditions.

Students explore how migration has shaped the culinary traditions of different countries.

Students explore the intersection of food and culture in the Americas, including the impact of European colonization on indigenous cuisine.

Students explore how nutrition affects their own health and well-being.

Students learn about making healthy food choices and the importance of a balanced diet.

Students explore the issue of food insecurity and its impact on communities.

Students learn about the various ways people are working to improve food systems and address food insecurity.

Students explore the intersection of food and social justice, including the impact of food systems on marginalized communities.

Students use photography to capture and express their food stories.

Students write about their own food experiences and reflections.

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