Customized 1:1 Nutrition Tutoring for Teen Athletes & Non-Athletes

Customized 1:1 Nutrition Tutoring for Teen Athletes & Non-Athletes




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As a teenager, you may face challenges in maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle, especially when it comes to nutrition and food choices. You may struggle with making informed decisions about what to eat, leading to a lack of energy, poor performance, and negative impacts on your overall well-being.

Our customized one-on-one tutoring course for teen athletes and non-athletes is designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to make informed food choices that promote overall health and well-being. Handouts and worksheets will be provided for each class. Our experienced teachers will guide you through a comprehensive exploration of various topics, including:

* Understanding food groups and essential nutrients
* Deciphering food labels
* Exploring gluten-free options
* Delving into the world of micronutrients
* Understanding food processing and its impact
* Ensuring kitchen safety
* Nutrient timing and energy expenditure

Course Highlights:

* Interactive and engaging sessions tailored to your needs and schedule
* Expert guidance from experienced dietitians and nutritionists
* Comprehensive understanding of various food groups and nutrients
* Practical tips and strategies for making informed food choices
* Opportunities to explore gluten-free options and understand food processing
* Emphasis on kitchen safety and preventive measures against foodborne illnesses

**Important Details to Keep in Mind**

**Professional Guidance**: Please note that our teachers are experts in their field, but they cannot provide personalized medical nutrition advice. For customized guidance, we recommend consulting a dietitian or other professionals specific to your area.

**Session Scheduling and Payments**: Sessions can be tailored to fit your schedule, and you have the option to pay for sessions upfront or on a weekly basis. Weekly payments will be processed every Sunday. If you decide to cancel your subscription, you can do so at any time before Sunday without any penalties. 

**Refund Policy: Refund within 24 hours of payment until your next meeting or lesson access begins.

**Cancellation and Make-up Policy**: To ensure we can accommodate your schedule, please provide at least 24 hours’ notice for cancellations and make-ups. If you cancel or fail to attend a session under 24 hours’ notice, we will not be able to offer a makeup session. No refunds will be issued for missed sessions.  

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This one-on-one tutoring course is designed specifically for teenagers, whether you’re an athlete or not, who want to take control of their nutrition and make informed food choices to improve their overall health and well-being. If you:

* Struggle with energy and focus due to poor food choices
* Want to optimize your performance in sports or other activities
* Need a better understanding of different food groups and nutrients
* Are looking for practical tips and strategies for making healthy choices
* Are interested in exploring gluten-free options and understanding food processing
* Want to ensure kitchen safety and prevent foodborne illnesses

Then this course is perfect for you! Our experienced teachers and experts in nutrition will guide you through a comprehensive exploration of various topics, providing you with the knowledge and skills needed to make informed decisions about your nutrition and improve your overall health and well-being.    

Learning Path

– Comprehensive breakdown of essential food groups and their functions
– Examining the importance of a well-balanced diet

– Understanding the importance of carbohydrates as a primary energy source
– Examining the role of fats and their impact on health
– Evaluating the significance of proteins and their role in growth and repair

– Learning how to interpret and understand complex food labels
– Identifying key components and making informed decisions regarding food choices

– Understanding the concept of gluten sensitivity and celiac disease
– Exploring gluten-free options and their nutritional benefits

– Exploring the role of vitamins and minerals in maintaining optimal health
– Identifying common micronutrient deficiencies and their consequences

– Analyzing the effects of food processing on nutritional content
– Learning how to make healthier choices amidst processed food options

– Understanding food safety principles while preparing meals
– Practicing proper hygiene and preventing foodborne illnesses

-Calculate your Total Daily Energy Expenditure
-Factors that affect Basal Metabolic Rate
-What is PAL and MET

-Water guidelines
-What is dehydration and how to prevent it

-What are fad diets
-How to avoid them and the dangers of them

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