Exploring the World of Food: A 5 Week Food Science Course for Teens

Exploring the World of Food: A 5 Week Food Science Course for Teens




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Welcome to Exploring the World of Food, a unique 5-week online course designed specifically for teens in grades 8-11. This engaging and interactive program delves into the fascinating world of food science, empowering young learners to make informed decisions about their culinary choices. Through a combination of theoretical and practical lessons, students will gain a deep understanding of the science behind food, including its components, processing, and preparation. They will also explore crucial topics such as nutrition, food safety, and food allergies, developing essential skills to prepare healthy, nutritious meals for themselves and their loved ones. By the end of this course, students will possess a comprehensive knowledge of food science, enabling them to make a positive impact on their own lives and the lives of those around them.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for students in grades 8-11. 

Learning Path

  • What is food science -Functional properties of carbs, fats, and proteins in foods.
  • Food Safety and food handling tips
  • Foodborne illnesses
  • Homework: Easy Homemade Mayonnaise
  • 5 Food groups 
  • How can you add more vegetables to your recipes or dishes
  • What do the colors means about fruits and vegetables
  • What are grains (whole vs refined)
  • Protein: Meat vs plant-based options
  • Dairy vs non-dairy options.
  • Handout: 5 lunch and 5 breakfast ideas (with recipes)
  • What are the raw ingredients
  • What defines food professing
  • Food trivia game
  • Fun food factories game
  • Processing methods of apple juice and instant potatoes
  • Levels of processing (minimally, moderately and highly)
  • Pros and cons of processed food
  • A look at different food preservation methods (salting, pickling, pasteurization etc)
  • Homework: Food processing handout
  • Functions of eggs in a recipe
  • Egg facts
  • Grain facts -Hard vs soft wheat
  • Factors affecting the recipe in flour
  • Common uses for flour
  • Gluten-free alternatives
  • Homework: recipe Apple Cinnamon Muffins (with eggs) and Apple Cinnamon Muffins (without eggs). The goal of this assignment is for learners to understand how eggs affect their taste, texture, and appearance.
  • Identify the components of the recipe (recipe name, description, cooking method etc)
  • Have you ever game (recipe mistakes)
  • The Chemistry of Cookies video
  • Homework: Chocolate blueberry Banana Loaf recipe

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