Hydration Guidelines for Fitness and Sport

60% of the adult Human body is made up of water. This ratio increases when we move to the infant and children. Apart from this the ratio of water increases and decreases based on the organ we choose. Overall it is safe to say that without water there will be no life. When we talk about a healthy lifestyle we think about exercise and a good diet but most people forget about mentioning water and how much water they should drink. The reason is that most people think that you should drink water when you feel thirsty. There is no doubt the human body has a very good system of letting you know that your body needs water and you will instantly feel parched. However, to live a healthy life you might need much more than that.

The amount of water you consume per day will not only affect the overall health of your kidneys but also the health of your blood and all the other organs. The water we consume is very good for temperature maintenance as well as detoxifying our body from harmful elements. Without a good ratio of water intake, you will struggle to maintain your health, and eventually, the impact will get worse. Apart from this, the kind of water you consume is also very important. The quality of water along with the extra elements you add change the way it impacts your body.

With the help of this article we will mainly highlight why water consumption is important and how can you consume more water for better body function. We will also see how water consumption differs based on your overall health, body needs and why an adult human with a more athletic workout every day must focus on water intake.

Look At Your Hydration Status

This might come as a shock for most people but the human body has a hydration status. This consists of the water you consume as well as how much water you will have in your body during your workouts. As discussed earlier our adult human body is made of 65% water whereas the body of a child is made up of 75% or above water. When we start working out our body loses water. This can be due to sweating, urination, or not consuming water at all. As a result, the body loses some amount of water. Now, most people fill up this water ration easily by consuming enough water however, sometimes people do not focus on this loss of water and continue their work. If the ratio of loss of water is somewhere between 1 – 2% this might be considered mild dehydration. Although this will affect the body it will not have a huge impact. On the contrary, if you do not consume water and this deficiency increases to more than 2% this will be considered severe dehydration and can be very dangerous for body organs.

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How Much Water Will Be Good For You?

Water is healthy for you and there is no special limit to it. You can consume as much water as you can and it will help you. Most people think that consuming too much water will make them rush for urination as they start to work out. However, research explains that when your body doesn’t have enough water, the water in your bladder feels pressure and that is where you will feel more uncomfortable. Another very important thing is to use the color of your urine as the litmus. The aim is to have light yellow or transparent color urine and this will help you know your hydration status.

An easy way to consume enough water is to make a routine. Your routine should consist of you drinking enough water as you enter the gym. A simple ratio is to drink at least 1-2 glasses of water. Then as you start working out keep a bottle filled with water with you. You can sip during your workouts or have at least 100ml after each exercise. This ratio is not fixed but it will help you drink enough water according to the time you spend in the gym which is a very good ratio to maintain your body temperature.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to the ratio of water you consume and the water that is lost by your body. If you have a very intense workout routine that requires you to consume a lot of water then try to stick to the simple water. Most people consume energy drinks but in the long run, the ratio of sugar in these energy drinks only makes it difficult for your body to get rid of all the extra sugar. So rather than helping your body with cleaning you are adding more content that will be considered a pollutant. Apart from this, try to consume clean water. Being an athlete the water ratio that you should aim for should be a healthy amount that will help you to maintain your body temperature as you start working out as well as help you avoid feeling thirsty

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