Our Team

Erin Madden, BSc AHN (Dietetics) 

Erin Madden is the founder and CEO of Happy Kids Nutrition Academy. She graduated with a Bachelor in Science degree in Applied Human Nutrition with a major in Dietetics. Having worked in the nutrition and fitness industry for over 10 years, she has a unique combination of skills by incorporating solid, evidence-based nutrition, and an understanding of food and ingredients.  She is continually inspired by food and its ability to promote overall wellness. 

Here is a little about Erin: 

  • Education: Graduated from Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, NS with a Bachelors of Science in Applied Human Nutrition and Majoring in Dietetics. 
  • Favorite hobbies: Going to the beach, going for hikes/walks, and working out in my home gym. 
  • Favorite food: Thai food, chocolate
  • Pets: 2 cats named Whiskers and Tallica

Alyssa Teed, PDt(c), BSc AHN

Hi Everyone! I’m Alyssa Teed, a Professional Dietitian (candidate). I recently graduated from Mount Saint Vincent University in May and will be writing the Canadian Dietetic Registration Exam in November 2021 to become fully licensed as a Professional Dietitian. My passion within nutrition and dietetics is teaching kids about nutrition to promote life-long healthy eating behaviors.

Here’s a little more about Alyssa:

  • Education: Graduated from Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, NS with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Human Nutrition (Integrated Internship Program)
  • Favorite hobbies: Testing out new recipes, exploring hiking trails, and yoga!
  • Favorite color: Hard to choose but dark green!
  • Pets: 2 cats named Pea and Bella.
  • Favorite snacks: Popcorn, chocolate, and fruit.
  • Favorite ice cream: Rocky Road. 😊

I can’t wait to virtually meet everyone!

Lesley Seto, MSc.A, RD, CYI 

is a registered dietitian, yoga instructor, and is the owner of Embodhi Nutrition and Yoga in Halifax, NS Canada. She combines her love of science, nutrition, cultural foods, and mindfulness practices into everything that she does. She has missed teaching and working with teens and kids over the last few years and is looking forward to teaching to inspire all her students and their families to participate in their health and well-being by learning how to choose delicious foods that nourish their unique bodies.

Here is a little more about Lesley:

  • Education: Bachelor of Science Honours Biochemistry Dalhousie University (Halifax, NS); Master of Science Applied Human Nutrition and Masters Diploma in Dietetic Credentialing McGill University (Montreal, QC)
  • Favorite hobbies: Bouldering, hiking, biking, painting, board games, and yoga of course!
  • Favorite Foods: Sushi, South Indian, Ethiopian, Chinese, Vietnamese…I don’t think I can choose! I love all food so much!
  • Favorite Color: Every shade of blue and purple

Madalyn Higgins, BSN (Honours)

Madalyn recently graduated from Acadia University and currently finishing up her dietetic practicum. She love all aspects of food and nutrition and cannot wait to help you all learn and learn with you! 

Here is a little about Madalyn

  • Education: BSN with Honours, Co-op, and Dietetics from Acadia University (completing post-Graduate Practicum currently)
  • Favorite Hobbies: running (I ran cross country in university!), baking, and going on fun adventures with her friends 
  • Favorite Colour: orange and purple 
  • Favorite Food: chocolate and watermelon 
  • Pets: he stays with her parents but one sweet, orange kitty named Tucker