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A team of well-experienced dietitians helping your child in optimal health and longevity with hands-on learning and our interactive lessons. 

Erin Madden

Founder and Chief Executive Office, Happy Kids Nutrition Academy 

As the founder and CEO of Happy Kids Nutrition Academy, Erin Madden brings a decade of experience in the nutrition and fitness industry to the table. With a strong educational foundation in dietetics, Erin earned her Bachelor’s degree in Applied Human Nutrition from Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with a focus on nutrition.

Throughout her career, Erin has developed a comprehensive understanding of evidence-based nutrition principles and a keen knowledge of food and ingredients. Her passion for nutrition and wellness is contagious, and she is driven by the incredible impact that food can have on overall health and well-being.

When not leading the Happy Kids Nutrition Academy team, Erin can be found indulging in her favorite activities, including CrossFit, swimming, and hiking. Her love for food extends beyond her professional expertise, as she is also an avid cook and enthusiast of international cuisine, particularly Thai food. And, let’s be honest, she has a sweet spot for chocolate!

As the driving force behind Happy Kids Nutrition Academy, Erin is committed to empowering families and young individuals to develop healthy habits and relationships with food. Her dedication to innovation and excellence has been instrumental in shaping the company’s mission to provide exceptional nutrition education and resources.  

Randi Scherer, (BS in EXSC and SN)

Randi is a passionate and experienced educator dedicated to empowering children to develop healthy eating habits and a lifelong relationship with wellness. With a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition from Montclair State University, she possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in nutrition and child development. For years, she has worked with children in the health and fitness community

As a dynamic teacher, she creates a fun and supportive learning environment that fosters physical, emotional, and mental growth. She is committed to providing individualized support to children of all ages and backgrounds, empowering them to make informed choices about their health and well-being.

She is excited to join the Happy Kids Nutrition Academy team and share her expertise and passion for nutrition and child development with their students, supporting the next generation of healthy and happy individuals.

yue li

Yue Li, RD, MSc AHN (c)

As a passionate advocate for nutrition education, Yue Li is thrilled to join the Happy Kids Nutrition Academy team as a dedicated teacher. With a Master’s degree in Applied Human Nutrition and registration as a dietitian, Yue brings a wealth of expertise in nutrition and a green thumb’s enthusiasm for cooking.

As a seasoned professional, Yue has honed her skills in working with diverse age groups, from young children to adults. Her dedication to sharing her knowledge and inspiring healthy habits in individuals of all ages is evident in her warm and engaging approach.

Yue’s love for nutrition education is fueled by her conviction that understanding food and nutrition is crucial for overall well-being. Her goal is to empower young minds with the knowledge and skills they need to develop healthy relationships with food and their bodies.

With her unique blend of expertise, enthusiasm, and passion for teaching, Yue is poised to make a positive impact on the lives of her students and contribute to the Happy Kids Nutrition Academy’s mission to inspire healthy habits and happy kids.   

Amber N.
Nutritional Wellness for Teens: Private 1:1
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Yue Li was fantastic, engaging and a wealth of knowledge for my daughter.
Dawn V.
Fundamentals of Nutrition for Teens
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This class was amazing! My son really enjoyed it She kept him engaged the whole time . Just look at the topics listed each week it’s a great outline of classes each week. was exactly what I was looking for. The lessons taught are invaluable and the knowledge learned will last a life time. Zero regrets for this class and the teacher is also great.
Kenda L.
Fueling Performance: Sports Nutrition Essentials for Teen Athletes - 8 Weeks
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The course covered a wide range of topics about nutrition and sports and was easily applied to my teen’s own competitive athletic needs. The supplemental information given with the course extended the understanding of each topic. The teacher was always prepared, well organized and presented information in a clear, understandable way.

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