The Importance of Calcium in Kids

Calcium is a very essential element that is found in the bones and teeth of humans. It helps in strengthening the bones by getting deposited in the body. We consume calcium in our diet and to help it get stored in the body, your body uses vitamin D that facilitates the calcium submission in the bones making them tough, strong, and thick. As a result, when you walk, run, or even if you fall, the ones do not break. On the contrary, if your bones are weak and they lack calcium you will see the impact on your body. You will not be able to perform simple daily functions and even the slightest pressure will result from the crumbling of the bones. Unlike other elements that are easily available in a well-balanced diet that we consume easily. Calcium comes from animal and plant sources. The biggest source of calcium is dairy, especially milk and yogurt. However, spinach, almonds, and soy are also excellent sources of plant-based sources of calcium.  Even though calcium is abundant in many of our foods, most kids living in poverty never acquire calcium enough.

Calcium directly affects the growth and development of children as well as adults. With a lack of calcium, kids never get to reach their potential and in some cases, they even face stunted growth – which can be very dangerous as well. Apart from helping in bone strength, calcium is very important in muscle movement, the nervous system work, and regulating blood pressure. When someone doesn’t have enough calcium, the body usually extracts it from the bones to run the day-to-day functions, making the bones extremely weak. A simple way to see if your child has calcium deficiency is the lethargy and muscle spasms. Moreover, the child is unable to focus because of the nerve stimulation that doesn’t reach the brain, and eventually, their blood pressure is also low.

With the help of this article will mainly look at the reasons why children are focused when it comes to calcium deficiency. We will also see why a consuming good amount of calcium is important and how you can do it. We will further look at some of the basics that impact calcium absorption in the long run.

Why Calcium Is Considered Essential For Children?

Most people ask that since calcium is a very important element, why we must focus only on the consumption of calcium by kids when adults work much more than kids. The fact is that kids are much more vulnerable because they are in the developmental passes of their life. If they do not consume enough calcium, the impact will be long term and they will face issues with bone and nervous stimulus. They do not have enough deposited calcium and yet when they play around and have more physical activities their body bears more impact.

Our bones work as the calcium bank so when the diet doesn’t have enough calcium, the body detects it and signals the exact phase that results in removing calcium from the bones. However, if for a long time the body doesn’t consume calcium at all, bones become weak to an extent that they become brittle eventually resulting in depleting bones density. As a result, when a child plays around and takes a hit or falls the injury will have a huge impact.

To help the calcium absorption in the bones, you will also need a good supply of vitamin D. vitamin D in the body helps in facilitating the calcium deposition process making the bones strong and denser so they do not break easily. Vitamin D is commonly known to be found in sunlight however researchers believe that vitamin D is already present in our body sunlight just helps in getting it out so it can be used by the body. Vitamin D can also be extracted from food and it is available in some simple food items. You can find vitamin D in egg yolks, fish, mushrooms,  and other food items.

To help kids overcome calcium and vitamin D issues, some foods are fortified with calcium, potassium, and vitamin D. These foods include bread, butter, juices, milk, yogurt, and cereal. Although it is a much better option to have everything natural, if you do not have enough calcium in your diet, supplements and fortified food items are great options to choose from. If you are unsure if your child is consuming enough calcium-enriched foods, then check with your local physician or registered dietitian. 

According to the Australian health research institute, more than 77% of the kids between the age of 12-15 face calcium deficiency and need supplements.

Food That Can Help With Calcium Deficiency

  • There are so many food items that you can consume for overcoming your calcium deficiency however, some of the main food items to rely on include:
  • Milk is an excellent source of calcium
  • If you do not want to consume milk you can also try, Cottage cheese and yogurt which will help you with overcoming the calcium deficiency
  • Some of the food items like fortified Whole Grain bread, Sardines, Almonds, Sesame Seeds, and Broccoli are also very good sources of calcium. In case you feel you are not getting enough calcium you can also use supplements prescribed by a doctor.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, you cannot live a healthy life without consuming all the essential elements to sustain life. Most people think that as long as the calorie count is enough they will be able to stay healthy which is false. Your calcium consumption will help you improve the strength of your skeleton making you live a better life with stronger bones so you can easily take a hit without getting injured easily.

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